Strength Training

Strength Training

Strengthening is the ability of the muscles to produce tension. This tension is responsible for stabilizing and mobilizing the bones of the body. Strengthening is exercise training that aims to increase muscle strength. It is the process of maintaining health at any age. Strength training can be done for de-conditioning, to increase overall strength, or for bodybuilding.

Strengthening may include a simple exercise but the frequency of the exercises and the effort put into each exercise will differ depending on the goals.

A balanced exercise program incorporated in the exercises can involve these types of loadings:

  • Isometric contraction
  • Concentric contraction
  • Eccentric contraction

Exercise is a challenge and knowing the best technique is another big challenge. One of the big reasons for injuries related to strength training is usually poor technique or lack of control. An individual should always seek advice from his physiotherapist on how to perform the exercises.

Also performing the exercises at different speeds with control is another important element.  Especially while starting an exercise with an appropriate weight that an individual can control with proper technique. Once the control is achieved weight or speed can be increased

The exercises begin with easier movements and progress as strengthening is developed. Strengthening exercises are effective when the muscles are overloaded. Some of the exercises are:

  • Exercising against gravity
  • Exercising against the resistance of water
  • Exercising against a resistance band
  • Exercising with weight
  • Exercising using your body weight as the load
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